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Prosciutto cotto “Praga”

Product description

Prosciutto cotto “Praga” is a deli meat with a long history. The original recipe was created in Bohemia and spread rapidly across Europe. Its main characteristics are the light smoking process and the well-defined, golden crust, which preserves the tenderness of the meat.

It is particularly tasty and can be used as an accompaniment to recipes or combined with other deli meats and artisanal bread. At Felinese we produce a “Alta Qualità” (High Quality), starting from the best selection of pork legs.

Prosciutto cotto “Praga” Average weight Format
Prosciutto cotto "Praga" Alta Qualità whole vacuum packed 7,5 Kg Stampato
Prosciutto cotto "Praga" Alta Qualità half vacuum packed 3,7 Kg Stampato

Average nutritional values per 100g

  • Energy value838 kJ / 201 kcal
  • Fat13 g
  • of which saturates4,0 g
  • Carbohydrate1,0 g
  • of which sugars1,0 g
  • Protein20 g
  • Salt2,0 g
  • senza glutine