Prosciutto crudo

Prosciutto di Parma PDO Riserva

Product description

Prosciutto di Parma is care in the details and in the maturation stages, it is passion for an ancient craft made of ancient traditions and handed down from generation to generation, it is the balance of the fragrances and flavours of a rich and generous land, it is quality and attention to the selection of the raw materials used.

Prosciutto di Parma (from the Latin perexsuctum, which means “dried”) is a good, healthy and genuine product.  No preservatives or additives have ever been used to make it and the result is a tasty and completely natural product.  A third essential ingredient is added to the pork leg and salt: time, which gives the matured product its unmistakable mildness and flavour.

This PDO product is subject to strict controls during a long and rigorous production process which concludes with a careful examination and the fire branding with the ducal crown. This branding is the unmistakable mark that distinguishes it; a guarantee of quality and safety for the consumer, certifying the absolute excellence and authenticity of the product.  (source: Consortium of Prosciutto di Parma website).

Prosciutto di Parma PDO Riserva Average weight Curing time
Prosciutto di Parma PDO with bone 11/12 Kg 24 mesi
Prosciutto di Parma PDO boneless tied vacuum packed 8/9 Kg 24 mesi
Prosciutto di Parma PDO boneless tied vacuum packed 8/9 Kg 20 mesi

Average nutritional values per 100g

  • Energy value1205 kJ / 289 kcal
  • Fat19 g
  • of which saturates6,3 g
  • Carbohydrate0,5 g
  • of which sugars0,5 g
  • Protein29 g
  • Salt5,0 g
  • logo DOP
  • 100% italian meats
  • senza glutine