Cooked Ham

Prosciutto Cotto Bianco

Product description

The excellence of this product stems from the rigorous selection of the pork legs. The expert addition of natural flavourings gives taste and aroma, and the slow steaming contributes to the characteristic meat tenderness.

At Felinese, the combination of expertise and technology produces a cooked ham with a mild and balanced flavour and nutritional properties that are suitable for all consumers. 

“Alta Qualità” (High Quality) is a classification recognized by a specific Italian decree for the protection of deli-meat products, and reserved only for hams with particular chemical-physical characteristics. 

Prosciutto Cotto Bianco Average weight Format
Prosciutto cotto Bianco whole 8 Kg Castagna
Prosciutto cotto Bianco half 4 Kg Castagna

Average nutritional values per 100g

  • Energy value838 kJ / 201 kcal
  • Fat13 g
  • of which saturates4,0 g
  • Carbohydrate1,0 g
  • of which sugars1,0 g
  • Protein20 g
  • Salt1,9 g
  • senza glutine