La Felinese offers traditional, quality products: Salame Felino P.G.I., Parma Ham P.D.O., Culatello, Coppa di Parma P.D.O., Spalla di San Secondo and various kinds of Pancetta are unique of their kind, and over time have become famous throughout Italy.


La Felinese oversees its own production processes with the goal of combining Quality and Food Safety.
Alongside a history of skilled production that ensures high quality, the company has chosen to implement the BRC and IFS product certification systems to achieve a specific and well-defined level of food safety.

The company has a well-organised Quality Control/Assurance area with fully-trained staff.
Its in-house laboratory, assisted by accredited external laboratories, deals with periodic analyses and specific customer requests.

La Felinese, ever attentive to special dietary needs, has adopted a specific policy, working at the recipe and ingredient level, and eliminating the main allergens such as lactose, milk protein and gluten. In addition, since 2004, its products have been registered in the handbook of the Italian Celiac Association (AIC).
The company avoids the risk of cross-contamination with other products since no gluten or its derivatives are used in any of the production departments.


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Quality Certification

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