La Felinese offers traditional, quality products: Salame Felino P.G.I., Parma Ham P.D.O., Culatello, Coppa di Parma P.D.O., Spalla di San Secondo and various kinds of Pancetta are unique of their kind, and over time have become famous throughout Italy.

Production Facilities

La Felinese produces a wide range of cooked and cured meats at four specialised production sites that make use of the most advanced technology to meet the highest quality standards. Annual production is approximately 8,000 tons of finished products.
Inside our plants, manual processing techniques, based on a wealth of know-how handed down from generation to generation, are perfectly integrated with the production cycle, and are joined by the most modern production flow management techniques.
In fact, the high quality of our typical products, such as Salame Felino, the Specialities of Parma, and the different types of Pancetta, is the result of a very fine balance between traditional recipes, processing methods and cutting-edge technology.

Some examples of traditional processing methods are the use of natural casings and hand-tying in the production of Salame Felino, the dry salting of Pancetta, which allows the most natural absorption of salt to enhance the product’s organoleptic qualities, along with hand-stitching, once again respecting the traditional recipe.
Alongside these manual processing techniques, a number of modern technologies are used, such as the long cold treatment of Coppa and Culatello during the salt absorption phase, the search for just a few select ingredients, and the tumbling cycles developed to obtain optimum results in cooked ham production.


Via A. Moro, 4/a – Felino (PR)

  • Production of cooked ham, Mortadella, Salami, Pancetta, pre-cooked products, Coppa di Parma and Coppa Nostrana.
  • 9.000 m2 roofed surface area
impianto produzione crudi

Via Garibaldi, 18
Felino (PR)

  • Culatello and Fiocchetto Production
  • Maturing and Deboning of Dry-cured Ham
  • 6.000 m2 roofed surface area

Via Baganza, 2
loc. Castellaro,
Sala Baganza (PR)

  • Production of Parma Ham P.D.O.
  • 4.500 m2 roofed surface area
  • BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard) Certification

Via A. Moro, 8/a
Felino (PR)

  • Pre-sliced Meat Production
  • 5000 m2 roofed surface area
  • BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard) Certification

To meet the highest quality standards in terms of product and process, and at the same time satisfy customer demand, in 2009, La Felinese Salumi S.p.A. added a new facility devoted to the production of pre-sliced meats.

Located in the Municipality of Felino, this facility operates alongside the three existing ones in the same area.
– 18.000 mq of surface area, of which 5,000m2 roofed
– 7 slicing lines
– a production capacity of 100,000 trays per day

The deli meats to be sliced come from the company’s production departments and are not frozen.

This means that the organoleptic characteristics of each single product are preserved.
In this way, the flavour, aroma and colour are preserved to the full, to satisfy even the most demanding customers.
The slicing lines are located inside “white rooms”, aseptic environments with non-stop monitoring of temperature, humidity and air pressure. The system consists of low speed fans that air the white room around 70 times an hour, on average.

The degree of air purity determines the “class” of the white room. The lower the class number, the more the air is filtered.

La Felinese Salumi S.p.A. possesses:
– 2 lines class 100
– 5 lines class 10,000

Each tray produced is checked by specialized staff who assess its appearance and conformity with the regulations in force as regards labelling. Sample trays are analysed by the staff in charge of Quality Control and Quality Assurance.
La Felinese Salumi S.p.A. relies on an in-house laboratory that can immediately check the compliance of products with the highest quality standards.