La Felinese offers traditional, quality products: Salame Felino P.G.I., Parma Ham P.D.O., Culatello, Coppa di Parma P.D.O., Spalla di San Secondo and various kinds of Pancetta are unique of their kind, and over time have become famous throughout Italy.



The origins

La Felinese s.n.c. was established in Felino, in the province of Parma, on the initiative of P. Aschieri, S. Baratta, N. Lori, and R. Spotti, and it initially processed pork on a contract basis.
In its plant at Via Garibaldi 27 in Felino, production focussed initially on local specialities such as Pancetta, Coppa, and the highly acclaimed Salame Felino.


Early developments

The partners decided to expand the company’s operations and start construction of a new plant for the production of dry-cured ham.



The new plant in Felino, at Via A. Moro, began operation; a technologically advanced facility covering a surface area of approx. 20,000m2, of which 9,000m2 were roofed, for the production of salami, Pancetta, Coppa, cooked ham, Mortadella, and pre-cooked products. Increased production capacity and a new line to produce cooked hams and Mortadella were the prelude to a phase of intense growth.


A widespread distribution network

A commercial branch was opened in Agrate Brianza (Monza) with a warehouse serving as a transit point for shipments to the Lombardy region. The objective was to develop the distribution network and facilitate management of large-scale distribution customers.


A new production facility

The opening at Castellaro di Sala Baganza (Parma) of a new plant for the production of Prosciutto Crudo P.D.O.


Production of pre-sliced meats begins


First goal

The company celebrated its 40th anniversary, and that same year a modern slicing line came into operation at the Via Moro 4/a plant in Felino.


The Felinese newborn

In June 2009, a new slicing line was started up at Via Aldo Moro 8/a in Felino. This state-of-the-art plant measuring more than 18,000m2, of which 5,000m2 were roofed, housed 7 new slicing lines that all complied with the highest quality standards in terms of product and process.


In 2013, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary with four plants in the Parma area, 200 employees, a 65m Euro turnover, and constantly expanding production, with around 7,500 tons processed in 2013. A result that is the outcome of a ceaseless quest for innovation, quality and excellent service.